More notes from the abyss...

I've had my new phone number for three months now.  You would think that would be enough time for its previous owner to notify her friends and family, if not her creditors, of the change in her contact info.  But no, Danielle (if that is her real name) has been playing it cagey, letting me deal with those callers and texters that she hasn't yet brought fully on board. 

Here's another sampling of my texts from strangers.  I have yet to reply to any of them, but it's getting pretty tempting.


I love horsies!

I love horsies!

How is the crowd tonite

— August 7
Hey ho

What you know
— August 13
What it do? You working?
— August 21
Why are u ignoring me? Bitch
— July 31
Just found it! Thanks for me know!
— August 1
Wanted to say hey :) And sorry ;)
— August 1
Hey its nic… Your guy still there?
— August 2
Hey to you, too!

Hey to you, too!