I've never felt so interesting.

Who doesn't love a text message? Who doesn't pounce on their phone when they hear that thin little chirp telling them that someone has devoted some small amount of attention and thumb strength all to them?  Whether it's from a friend or an enemy or someone really special (yes, Angela Lansbury's website has my number; I'm not ashamed), a text message arrives on the same cloud of exciting possibility as a phone call, but without any of that uncomfortable conversational obligation.

Loving text messages as I do, I'm pretty happy with my new phone number.  I seem to have inherited the digits of someone with a far more exciting life than my own.  I'm not just referring to the daily calls from collection agencies or the overdraw notices from Chase Bank.  I'm talking about important text messages, about important stuff.  Here are a few examples from the past month:


Under the birdhouse
— June 14
I can hook you up tomorrow, if you want..
Call me... Mike
Or maybe later tonight...
— June 25
new phone who is this


nevermind figured it out
— July 3
thinking bout u babe
still have that shoe
— July 12
You never told me about the bed? why?

Your a bitch
— June 18
Going to Js tonight. we should talk.

Promise i wont start shit
— June 27
r u still mad?
about kev?
his car died anywya
— July 7
U still have stamps for sale?
— July 10